Putting the

Putting the "DOC" in Real Estate

Get to know the Greenwood and Indianapolis, IN real estate agent who started it all

DOC Real Estate was opened by Dr. Joe “The DOC” Bottorff, a retired minister who has a Ph.D. in theology. He began his career in real estate over 25 years ago, winning the title of Realtor of the Year for the State of Indiana before deciding to open his own agency, DOC Real Estate, in 1992.

You can trust our army of experienced real estate agents

Today, DOC Real Estate has grown into a sizable firm in Greenwood. We have 45 agents who serve clients in the entire Indianapolis metro area.

The agents at DOC Real Estate work hard to live up to the high standard of business that “The DOC” set out for over two decades ago. Our agents list and sell residential and commercial real estate properties in Greenwood IN, Indianapolis, Indiana and beyond. Call us today at 317-888-7333 to get started.